Friday, March 11, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution

The Friday lunch series continues. Today we tried Revolution, a Chowhound-endorsed spot in downtown Durham.

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Revolution Lunch Counter emails. Every Tuesday, I get the week's lunch selections. It is a short, but well thought out selection of a special soup, salad, pasta, fish and meat dishes. And there's always a Mexican selection, which us what drew me in today.

I am a sucker for steak and guacamole, so the Kobe Beef Fajitas with spanish rice, mango salsa, roasted guacamole and cilantro crema had my name all over it. My lunchmate wanted to try the cream of broccoli soup with truffle oil with crostini. I'm glad he did and agreed to my request for two spoons. It was a huge bowl of creamy deliciousness, full of flavor and not overpowered by the swirl of truffle oil.

To our waiter's surprise, we ordered two glasses of the Falanghina to sip while we waited. According to him, "Most people don't drink at lunch." Clearly these people have not done lunch with the Dawnville team.

Usually I like to order two different dishes at a new restaurant to get an idea of the offerings, but neither of us could resist the fajitas. We both dug in heartily. The Kobe beef was cooked medium-rare and tender. The combo of the savory onions and peppers, cool mango salsa and creamy guacamole made a perfect bite rolled in the toothsome corn tortilla. The rice was very flavorful with a fine couscous-like grain. We ran out of tortillas before we finished the healthy portion of fillings, but the separate ingredients stood up on their own.

I couldn't resist a peek at the dessert menu. While I was pleasantly full after my lunch, but apple crisp is one of my favorites.
Revolution's version is constructed like a muffin with a crispy, crumbcake topping and a rich, dense apple filling.

While finishing dessert, we perused the dinner menu and were intrigued by the chef's tasting menus. There are three tiers with three-, four- or five courses. The chef creates the menu on the spot for your table. Sounds fabulous.

Revolution is a modern restaurant that manages to present style and substance. Can't wait to see what's up next for lunch.

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